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Motor Bicycle Sinhala Movie Download 2022




The film is produced by Thilagath Kiri Hemachand under the banner of Aena Productions. This is the debut film of Shameera Rangana Naotunna and Shameena Pradeepani Naotunna. It stars Sanjeewa Sumanasekera and Niroshika Manatunga in lead roles along with Anusha Damayanthi and Ananda Peiris. The music is composed by Ameertha Bulathsinghala. The film is shot entirely in Gampaha. The film was released on 17 January 2016. The movie was well received at the box office. Plot After 25 years since his release from prison, Chandi's family and friends receive a letter from him. His daughter Sneha and her friend Shana, who are on a trek, discover Chandi's message and return home with him. Chandi has no intention of returning to prison and refuses to be dependent on the money they send to him. Chandi believes that his son-in-law Shambhu is the culprit who has killed his friends Kavindi and Sudha to get their land and money. He thus, plans to teach Shambhu a lesson. Meanwhile, after an accident, Chandi's son-in-law Dilhara, Shambhu's mother, is being cared for in hospital. Chandi decides to rescue her. But to his surprise, she and Chandi share a mutual interest in traveling. Cast Sanjeewa Sumanasekera as Chandi Niroshika Manatunga as Shana Anusha Damayanthi as Dilhara Tharuka Shanthi as Sneha Hemanth Manjula as Shambhu Kumara Thirimadura as Kavindi Anura Kumara Dissanayake as Sudha Rohana Kumara as Shambhu's mother Daya Alahakoon as Kumuda Anjal Alahakoon as Ramya Production The film is produced by Thilagath Kiri Hemachand under the banner of Aena Productions. Thilagath Kiri Hemachand, then-actor, producer and singer Darshan Rajapakse, and actress Malini Fonseka participated in the casting process. Shameera Rangana Naotunna wrote the screenplay. Darshan, Shameera and Sanjeewa were




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Motor Bicycle Sinhala Movie Download 2022

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