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best software for iphone 5s 7 Document Related Results ... from people who don't know anything about iOS (Mac OS X) but instead talk as though they do. I love OS X and iOS, but I don't really like anything Apple does. If I wanted a Mac, I would get one and be happy. Apple is, and always has been, so deeply misfocused that they're almost incapable of realizing that they're not just a computer company. Mac OS X has historically been so good at what it does that it can rarely be improved on. But OS X does almost everything really well. What it does best is the one thing it's always done better than its competitors: starting, stopping, and running programs. But those are the things you want a computer to do, and not the things Apple knows how to do best. When they made the transition to Lion, they forgot about the strengths they built and instead focused on the things they're known for. It's not like they're crazy. It's simply that they're completely unaware of how much better they already were than all their competitors in the Mac area. Now they're all obsessed with the UX and trying to out-Apple-Apple. They even went and made Steve Jobs "rest in peace" by making a " tribute page". If this were a Mac OS X screenshot, it would show all the little faux-chrome that's on every Mac OS X screen to make it look like a Mac. In fact, if I had to guess, I'd say that Apple just figured that in order to make people feel the presence of Jobs, they needed to be able to do things Jobs did, and that's why they spent their whole user-interface efforts and focus in the last few years on building faux-chrome crap that doesn't actually do anything. If you look at the last 5 Mac OS X screenshots, you'll notice that the whole OS looks like an iOS app. It's the worst of the iOS tiles (the folders and the icons) combined with the worst of the Mac-style applications (the bottom border is wider than the top and it has a fake shadow). And in order to make it look more like an iOS app, the Mac OS X user interface makes it almost impossible to run in a corner, but it can run just fine in an 80-inch TV, which would be about the size of an iOS app. So in order to make the OS look more like an iOS app, they shrunk the window




Sawgrass Sg 400 Driver Downloadtrmds terclif

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